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How to find the right builder



Looking to build your dream home? Stressed about choosing the right builder? It can be a daunting process and we’ve all heard the horror stories.

How to find the right builder


We’ve put together a list of things to consider when choosing the person or company who will be building your home:


Make sure your builder is licenced, registered and insured

This is a critical first step.

A builder’s registration can be checked online through the Victorian Building Authority. You can also check whether the builder has ever engaged in misconduct through the Victorian Builder Authority’s Disciplinary Register.

You may want to consider engaging a Master Builder. These are builders that have had to go through a more rigorous screening process to obtain and retain their membership. You can find a Master Builder through the Master Builders Association (03) 9411 4555.

It’s worth getting into the detail with your new home so check that the builder’s sub-contractors are registered and will issue certificates of compliance where required (for example, plumbers and electricians).


Check their references

You’ll probably have an idea about the type and style of home that you want to build. Look at a builder’s past work (most likely on their website) and see if you like what they’ve done. All builders should be able to provide you with examples of their work.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references from former clients and even tradies or architects who have worked with them. You want to make sure that things run smoothly on site.


Get at least 3 quotes

There’s no definite answer to the number of builders you should speak to and the number of quotes you should obtain, but try to get at least 3. Compare each of the quotes in some detail because cheaper quotes may not include the same quality of finish or materials. 


Who will you be dealing with?

Chances are that your home will be the most significant investment you’ve ever made—so make sure that you can easily communicate with the person building it for you. Ask to speak to the site manager who will be building your home (they’ll probably be different to the person you’ve been dealing with to date) and see if you can communicate openly with them.

A thorough due diligence process will help to ensure that building your dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare. For more information on choosing the right builder visit:



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