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Four Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

With most of us stuck at home, the itch to refresh and decorate your house is stronger than ever.

Fortunately, there are many ways to decorate your house for free or on a budget.


Review and declutter

Start with a clean-up. We’re not talking about a full Marie Kondo, but really look at what you’ve got and take away anything you no longer want or use. Decluttering your house can create a sense of space and make rooms feel completely different.

You might even be able to sell things you no longer use for a little extra cash to put towards your redecoration.


Rearrange and swap

Re-arranging and swapping things around is a really good way to refresh your interiors.

Can you change the configuration of your living room? Move around your couches and coffee table? Can you take a chair from the living room and put it in the bedroom or swap a bedside table out with a side table?

Consider the soft furnishings – move that throw from your bedroom to your living room. Or relocate your artwork or wall hangings.

Rearranging and restyling shelves is a very effective way to redecorate your home for free.

Simply changing the photos and frames around in your house can change the appearance and feel of a room. Alternatively, you can collect all the photo frames in your house and displayed in one place in your living room or kitchen. 

Another option is to collect all the decorative items in your house and sort according to colour. You can then style each of the rooms using objects in the same colour.

You might even be able to repurpose things like empty jam jars or bottles as vases in your bedroom, bathroom or bookshelves. Coloured glasses or jars can be arranged artfully along a windowsill to add new colour and light to your rooms. Don’t forget to use flowers, leaves or greenery from your garden in your new vases.


Create a focal point for the room

Rather than changing everything in your room, create a focal point. This technique is particularly effective if your house has a neutral palette.

A focal point can be something as simple as a colourful vase, a bold painting or nice rug.

It’s much more effective (and budget friendly) to create a focal point than completely redecorate a room.



If you’re feeling really keen and you want to develop a whole new skill set, what about restyling your furniture?

Can you re-paint coffee tables or shelves? You might even consider creating a stencil to make your own feature wall.

Skip the Netflix and sew yourself some new cushions for the couch or even turn an old mirror into a tray.

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