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Getting Started on Your Spring Garden


As Spring approaches and the days get longer, it’s a good time to think strategically about what to plant in your garden.

Take advantage of the rich alluvial soils and favourable climate of Bacchus Marsh and get some fresh air and exercise in the garden.

While Bacchus Marsh residents are spoiled for choice with the large number of orchards and fruit and vegetable farms surrounding the town, many locals take great pleasure in planting and growing their own fruits and vegetables. Just watch out, the competition can be fierce!

Getting ready to plant

Before you start planting, have a think about the kinds of fruit and vegetable you and your family enjoy eating and how easy (or difficult) those plants may be to grow in your garden setting. Some gardeners prefer to grow the more expensive or hard to find fruits and vegetables to help trim the family budget.

Other things to think about include the amount of space the plants will need to grow and how big your veggie garden is – you don’t want to find that you’ve run out of space halfway through planting. A little research and preparation is a key first step to gardening success. 

If you’ve got a bad back or you have restricted mobility, consider installing some raised garden boxes or planters. When you’re installing the raised beds, make sure you measure your reach and how much space you might need to manoeuvre between the boxes or planters.


Preparing the soil before planting

Preparation is everything when it comes to Spring planting. Start by cleaning the weeds and gardening debris out of your garden beds.

Next, enrich the soil with compost and manure so your plants have the nutrients they need to grow well. You can make your own compost from your garden and kitchen waste. While compost does contain some nutrients, manure will have a much more intense nutrient loading for your plants.  Include a mix of both to keep your plants happy.

Once this is done, water the soil well and cover your garden beds with a good layer of mulch (about 10cm is recommended) to ensure that you seal in the moisture.


What to plant

Now that the preparation is complete, the fun begins!

We’ve prepared a list of fruit and vegetables that you can start planting in your Spring garden.

A tip for those running short on time – plant seedlings (rather than seeds) as this will give your summer crop a good head start.

If you’re thinking about fruit trees, make sure you’ve planted them in a part of the garden that gets enough sun and has good drainage. If you don’t have much space, dwarf fruit trees might be a good option.


Good luck! 

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