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Family haven through the master-planned community

The Master Planned Community isn’t just about a house.

It’s your whole future!

 What is it?

A master-planned community is an all-in-one location for all your needs, like going to the mall. A master-planned community like Underbank, for example, offers both worlds. It combines both a traditional neighbourhood design and unique features of Victoria’s countryside. This makes it a very close-knit community, creating a bond that could last a lifetime of relationships. You’ll get a house and land package combo!


What is in the package?

The plan isn’t just about the house of your dreams but also a whole land of pet-friendly parks, picnic and BBQ, waterways, sporting precincts and even town centres. You’ll also get to see how it's built with frequent updates and know everything about your house and the land around you.


What is around the area?

Another great feature about living in Underbank is that it already has an established home township of Bacchus Marsh where schools, farmers markets, cafes, grocery shops, medical centres and an abundance of shops. The master-planned community is to reduce or minimise the issues entirely.


The bottom line!

The houses are all different sizes for those who are wanting to build their first house for their families to grow up in as well as create an environment for future generations. The level blocks keep prices down while still enjoying the natural landscape that feels like fresh untainted air. It’s affordable for first- or second-time owners, comprehensively designed for residents to live in a planned mix of homes with recreational, cultural, and retail amenities with a strong sense of community identity.


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