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Three Ways New Homes Have Changed Since COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed many things about the way we live – including our homes.

With everyone working, playing, learning and living from home, we’re starting to see three key trends emerge in the way that people plan and build their dream homes;


1. Backyards and access to private outdoor spaces

With parks and playgrounds closed around Victoria, we’re seeing the rise of the humble backyard. Increasingly, homebuyers are looking for their own space in which to kick the footy, grow some veggies and just get out there and enjoy the fresh air.


We’re also seeing trends towards locations which offer the benefits of country living within commuter distance from the city. One of the more positive developments from the COVID-19 crisis has been the realisation that many jobs can now be done efficiently and effectively from home. And with many people not returning to the office for a ‘normal’ five day week anytime soon, there’s been a surge in buyers looking for homes in locations like Bacchus Marsh which offer country community, fresh air and more space within a short drive or train ride from Melbourne. 


2. Private spaces 

As anyone who has spent any time on a conference call with young children will tell you -- your own private space is worth its weight in gold!

Many homebuyers are looking for houses that have space for the kids to play but also places that can be used for quiet reflection and work.


In the past, new home builders were looking for large amounts of open-plan space, people are now looking for houses that incorporate distinct living zones for family life and work or have rooms that can be quickly adapted to changing needs.


3. Energy efficiency

Have you paid a power bill in the last month?!


With everyone working, living… everything from home, many household power bills have soared. Add to that winter and the cost of running the heater more than you otherwise would and you’re looking at a utilities bill which will deliver a rather unpleasant surprise.


Energy efficient green homes are something that more and more home builders are realising and factoring into their new home designs. New homes are being designed with energy efficiency so that people can actually save on power bills. Whether that be through double glazing the windows, higher levels of insulation in the walls and roof, solar hot water, lower energy down lights or draught-proof exhaust fans, many home builders are actively seeking out more green homes.

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