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Underbank Newsletter Update - June 2022

             Construction Stage Overview   


Construction Stage 9 - 13

Construction Stage 14 - 19 

We hope you & your families are staying safe & well. 

Our Underbank Sales & Information Centre is operating 7-days per week so if you are looking for land please get in touch with our Estate Manager John at 0429 805 147 and book a site visit.

Blocks in Underbank are currently in high demand, please register your interest by clicking the below link for our future releases. We are currently selling Stage S901 Townhouses near Central Park and the Town Centre in River View; don't miss out on this affordable release of two-story luxury townhouses in a great location; never to be repeated. Register your interest now.

Visit our Underbank website for more information by clicking the link below.

Available Land for Sale



Underbank Construction Updates


River View (Stages 9 - 12)

Great news, the council issued a statement of compliance on Wednesday 22nd of June and titles should be available next week, allowing settlements 14 days later. Please contact your lender and make sure they are ready to settle your land. Also, you will want to inform your builder that the settlements are underway. 

River View (Stage 13)

Stage 13 subdivision works commenced in June 2021 and construction, which includes the Randwick Avenue extension is currently progressing well. We expect settlements to occur around September - 2022.

River View (Stages 14 - 19)

Stage 14 to 19 subdivision works are currently progressing well, and we expect settlements to stage 14 to occur in the last quarter of 2022 and stage 16-19 in the first quarter of 2023. 

Underbank Planning and Post Construction Updates

Stage 1 - 3

Detailed Engineering plans for Stage 3B are awaiting Council approval.  We expect the construction of Stage 3B to commence in late 2022. 


Rivers Edge (Stages 5 - 8)

Street tree planting and other landscaping in Rivers Edge have been completed. The drainage basins adjacent to stages 5-8 will also be landscaped in the coming months.  

Engineering Plans (Stages 9 - 19)

Engineering plans for Stages 9 - 19 have been approved and sent out to the prospective purchasers. If you are purchasers of Stages 9 - 19 and have not received the Approved Engineering Plan, feel free to send your enquiries to 

Park View (Stages 21 - 29)

The planning permit for Stages 21-23 has been received from Council and detailed engineering plans are currently with Council for approval. 

All lots have been sold—please contact our Estate Manager John at 0429 805 147 if you would like to purchase land in future stages.

A planning permit application for Stages 24 to 29 has been submitted to Council and we expect to receive the permit in August of 2022. 


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