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Underbank Update - December 2020

Stage Updates At A Glance

Stages 1, 2, 3a and 3B – Most homes in Stage 1 to 3a are completed and residents have moved in. We are going to release Stage 3B on Saturday 7th November.

Rivers Edge Stages 5a, 6, 7, 8 – Titled and many homes are complete. A lot of Rivers Edge residents have moved in their new homes.


Rivers Edge Stage 5b – settlements expected to occur in January 2021. 


River View Stages 9 to 15 – Featuring larger lots from 600 m² to 700 m² now selling. 


Park View Stage 21, 22 & 23 – Will be released soon.


Stage 3B Update

Stage 3B was recently released!

This stunning release consisting of land between 354m2 - 1,236m2. You can enjoy a spacious urban living with easy access to Melbourne CBD and Bacchus Marsh Town Centre from $242,000.

Some of these blocks have creek frontages and are in high demand. More than 40% of Stage 3B lots have been deposited/sold. If you want to secure your favoured lot, please enquire now. Feel free to contact our Estate Manager John at 0429 805 147 or visit our Underbank website ( 


Rivers Edge – Stage 5 to 8

We are delighted to announce that Stage 5B construction is complete. We expect titles to be issued in January 2021 subject to Title Office acting promptly to issue titles. To ensure that there are no delays at settlement, all Stage 5B purchasers should get in touch with their conveyancers and banks.
Construction of Stage 7 & 8 townhouses is progressing well. 

An important reminder to all Rivers Edge owners:

We will be providing street trees and hydroseeding to the nature strips and other landscaping in autumn and winter 2021. It is very important that owners do not place anything on the nature strip other than grass. Moorabool Shire Council will not allow finishes such as gravel, plants, tanbark or the like and will insist these materials be removed at the owners' expense. We have no control over this requirement and any queries should be directed to the Council.   


River View – Stages 9 to 15 Update

Engineering plans for Stages 9 - 11 have been approved and sent out to the prospective purchasers.

We recently received Stage 12 approved Engineering Plan. It has been sent to Stage 12 purchasers before this newsletter be sent out, 

If you are purchasers of Stages 9 - 12 and have not received the Approved Engineering Plan, feel free to send your enquiry to

The construction of Stage 9 & 10 is progressing well. The Electrical & NBN works in Stage 9 have commenced. The Road Crossings and Kerb works in Stage 10 are underway. We estimate that titles should be available around June/July 2021.

The bulk earthworks are progressing well in Stage 11. And we have commenced the bulk earthworks in Stage 12 in mid-November. 


Park View – Stages 21 to 23 Update

In July, we have finalised and submitted the planning application for Stages 21 to 23 (part of Park View) to Council. We received Council's Request for Further Information letter in September. We have submitted the Response to Council RFI in November. We are looking forward to receiving the planning permit soon. 

Subject to Council approval, Stages 21 to 23 will include 101 lots with lot size ranging from about 301m2 to 796m2. A number of lots are sold in Stage 21.

We will start selling the balance lots in Stages 21 to 23 after permit approval. We will keep you updated with the progress.


Community Update

We are pleased to announce that a full-service Childcare Centre - Future Kids Child Care Bacchus Marsh is expected to open in late January 2021. The construction is due for completion in early December 2020. 

Future Kids Childcare provides a warm and nurturing learning environment that fosters the individual needs of your child. With over 24 years’ in the childcare industry, Future Kids combines experience and innovation to provide premium quality childcare.


Christmas in the Park 2020

Underbank would like to advise everyone that due to the current COVID-19 social distancing requirements we have decided to cancel the annual Christmas in the Park celebrations for this year.  We hope  Christmas in the Park can return in 2021 bigger and better. 


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